GT 8-08-08

Non Driver Application Form

  • Personal Information

  • Education

  • Employment Experience

    Show Last Ten Years, starting with present or last job. Include military service assignments and volunteer activities. Please exclude Organization name which indicate race, color, religion, gender, national origin, handicap or other protected status. If you need additional space, please continue on a separate sheet of paper.
  • To be Read and Signed by Applicant

    "I hereby certify that all statement made in this application are true, and I understand and agree that any misstatement of fact herein may cause forfeiture of employment. I authorize Gresham Transfer, Inc. to make any investigations they deem necessary to verify the information contained herein. Further, I understand and agree that I will be required to abide by all rules and regulations of the employer including submitting to a drug screen and/or medical examination by a doctor designated by the company." The typing of my name below is an authorization of my electronic signature.
  • Please Read and Sign

    "I have read and understand the essential job function information given to me, which lists the duties and requirements of the job for which I have applied."
  • OPTIONAL - Voluntary Affirmative Action Form

    In compliance with government regulations we are required to track the number of our applicants by gender, race/ethnicity, Veteran status and position for which applied. This information will be kept separately from your application and will be used only in accordance with federal and state regulations. You are NOT required to provide this information. Your application for employment will be considered in the same manner whether or not you fill out this form.
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